Do you know the 5 things you need to do to

get pregnant fast?

Now, that you and your partner had decided you want to have a baby you want to start getting ready right away.  


  • Maintains a healthy weight – a minimum of 22% body fat is necessary to ovulate normally and carry a healthy pregnancy. Being overweight can alter your hormone chemistry and prevent ovulation.


  • Eat right – good nutrition is especially important when you are trying to get pregnant. You will need  plenty of vitamins and minerals to prime your body for pregnancy. get pregnant.


  • Quit Smoking –  smoking is associated with early miscarriages, low birth weight and other issues. It is definitely not good for you anyway.


  • Know your cycle–  keep track of when you are ovulating and have sex the day before, the day of and the day after you ovulate. Timing is really important


  • Avoid lubricants when you have sex –  Lub creates an additional barrier for sperm. They already have to pass through the woman’s cervical mucus to reach the eggs. So this would add an extra hurdle that doesn’t help. Plus, the stimulants in lube damage individual sperm.  


Most importantly, don’t stress about getting pregnant right away. Relax and enjoy this exciting time with your partner.

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