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It can be much more difficult to get pregnant in your 40’s. The egg quality starts to go down when women are in their late 30’s. By age 42 your chances of getting pregnant drops to only 5% and goes down with each month and each year. 

Time is not on your side. You need to do everything you can to increase your chances.

Chinese fertility herbs can help your process. Each herbal formula is created to directly improve any imbalances you might have. This sets Chinese fertility herbs apart from other herbs. Every woman comes to this process of getting pregnant at 40 with different health histories

You need to correct YOUR problem. It simply makes sense!


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Herbs to get Pregnant at 40


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Chinese herbs to get pregnant in your 40's

FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) effect on getting pregnant at 40

Women getting pregnant in their 40’s must be concerned about egg quality even if your menstrual cycles are still normal. Egg quality starts to diminish when women are in their mid 30’s. The FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) goes up as the egg quality goes down. Your doctor will tell you that high FSH is defined as a day 3 level of 10 mg or above. 

The highest FSH anyone called Patricia, the Chinese herbalist with, was 189. She gave this patient Chinese herbs to correct the imbalances she noted after taking a complete health history and her period returned. Most women who contact Patricia complaining of “high FSH” have an FSH level in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

The high FSH level is often used to tell women they have “old eggs”. You will not get pregnant or you will miscarry very early if your egg quality is not good. 

The symptoms of High FSH (results in poor egg quality):

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • vaginal dryness
  • Some women even experience anxiety
  • insomnia
  • Sometimes there are no signs at all

To practitioners of Oriental Medicine, an FSH level is just a number. Chinese herbs have been around much longer than any of these tests have been in use. The practitioner will take a full health history of your body to determine which organ systems are getting depleted and need to be nourished. Some women benefit from herbs that are said to cleanse the system so appropriate herbs will be added to the formula.

Chinese herbalists see that once we identify and appropriately balance the underlying deficiencies and excesses using Chinese herbs the FSH level seem to go down.*

Patricia, the Chinese herbalist will be looking for any signs of imbalances that you might have when she analyses your health history so that she can give you the best Chinese herbs in the correct dosages that you need. Your body will be the best environment to help you get pregnant.

If the egg quality is not good when you are trying to get pregnant in your 40’s you can expect: 

  • Early miscarriages
  • You do not get pregnant at all


It takes 100 days for an egg to grow and develop naturally.

You should take the herbs this entire time to produce the best quality eggs.  

Sharon had been trying for years to get pregnant and was about to give up when her doctor said her “egg were too old”. She was thrilled that the Chinese herbs made her dream come true at last.

Karen had tried everything to get pregnant for 6 years including IVF. When it failed 2 times the doctor though the problem was endometriosis and her age (43 yrs). Nothing seemed to work and she didn’t want to have a surgery.

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It takes 3 months or about 100 days for an egg to grow and develop to the point where they can be ovulated.

Take the Chinese herbs the entire time to get the best results.*



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