I just got another call from a woman who said she is taking Xi Xian Cao and Yi Mu Cao to open her Fallopian tubes naturally without surgery.

I have been helping women get pregnant for 19 years. I have a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have never seen these 2 herbs used alone open the tubes or even when combined with Serrapetase.

Serrapetase doesn’t work either but I will save that for another article.  

Let’s take a brief look at Xi Xian Cao and Yi Mu Cao and what they are used for when added to a Chinese herbal formula. What do we prescribe these herbs for if not for unblocking the fallopian tubes?   

Xi Xian Cao

Chinese Herb Category: Dispel Wind-Damp Bi Syndrome (this basically means Arteritis type of pain and swelling)

Used To Treat: rheumatological problems and any facial paralysis and hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body).
Also Used To Treat Irritability, Forgetfulness, Insomnia and curtain types of Headache And Dizziness. Also Used For Hypertension.
Can also be used to treat some types of itching, rashes, and weepy sores.

Never use in cases where the person has Blood Deficiency problems.

Yi Mu Cao

Common Name: Chinese Motherwort Aerial

Used To Treat: Gynecological disorders due to Blood Stagnation in the Chong Meridian, causing infertility, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and post-partum pain and bleeding.
Increases Urination And Reduces Swelling: Used to treat edema. Heaviness In The Legs, Abdominal Bloating, And Scanty Urination.
Clears Heat Toxin: Used To Treat Ulcers, Boils, And Eczema.

Take in a formula and/or use topically.
Treatment Principles: Moves The Blood
Regulates Menstruation
Dispels Blood Stasis
Shrinks Masses
Increases Urination And Reduces Swelling

Contra Indication: Pregnancy. Caution With Fluid or Blood Deficiency, and Prolapse.

Dosages 9-30g. Decoct, Or Use Topically.

Now that you have looked at what these herbs do, can you understand why I would not recommend you take Yi Mu Cao or/and Xi Xian Cao to unblock the fallopian tubes?

I would also not use these herbs by themselves in cases of fibroids or adhesions or endometriosis. This is not what these herbs are used for.

Please don’t self prescribe or take any Chinese herbs without being supervised by a true Practitioner of Chinese Medicine with at least a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine. This will include a Masters Degree in Chinese Herbology which is needed to understand and prescribe Chinese herbs.

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